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Our Stories


Dr. Yonah Krakowsky


The FHJC has re-created Shabbat and Jewish community for me and my friends - at a time in our lives when most young adults are moving away from their synagogues we are all actively and enthusiastically moving in. The Rabbi's and educators at the FHJC reach out to us without judgment- challenging us to deepen our connection to Judaism in meaningful ways. Shabbat morning services are full of laughter, great food and real friendships. Many people, of all ages and religious backgrounds consider the FHJC their home away from home. To make such a deep connection with such a diverse group of people is truly unique and inspiring.

Dr. Jeff & Judy Mandel


Being a part of the Forest Hill Jewish Centre enables us to be a part of a special community. It provides a plethora of opportunities to discuss Judaism, to learn and be inspired from others, enhancing our Jewish identity. Rabbi Elie continues to inspire and support the community, and we look forward to sharing future simchas as part of the congregation. As Judy's parents were Holocaust survivors, we are committed to educating future generations and to continue sharing Jewish traditions and customs within the Forest Hill community. 

Aaron & Dani Peters


The Centre fosters real relationships and friendships.  This is not a stuffy or stiff shul; rather, it is a place to meet, kibbitz, joke and share stories.  It proliferates the idea that religious observance need not be forced or dry or judgmental, but, rather, it is honest, inquisitive and humorous.  The emphasis on real and genuine relationships at the Centre creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Betty Winston


I enjoy coming to the FHJC because I am receiving traditional Judaism in a vibrant, family friendly atmosphere.  The FHJC is very inviting and very warm to everyone.

Alan & Michelle Friedman


The FHJC is a place where everyone is welcomed and accepted. The rabbis are intelligent, inspiring and caring as well as charismatic, funny and understanding.  Kiddush is always plentiful and it is a time for catching up with friends and community members.  We feel accepted here, respected and our circle of friends is numerous.  It is our home away from home. 

When we had our second child, and we were adjusting to having two children under age 2, the Centre emailed me and let me know that they have a program where families in the community can provide my family with dinner.  We had 3 weeks of dinner brought to our home...21 meals!  My family and I were able to adjust to a new baby and not have to worry about meal preparation.  I was so inspired to help other families in this area and I now seek out these opportunities to help others by making homemade meals, or ordering dinners for new moms or families in need. My husband and I were so deeply touched by this act of kindness and generosity that I too, now 'pay it forward'!” 

Judy Sapera


My time spent studying with Rabbi Karfunkel has had a profound impact on my life. His words of wisdom and gentle guidance have opened me up to a new way of seeing.  In a loving environment I have found connections with women of all ages that are supportive and engaging. The insights and awareness that I bring back to my family have been immeasurable. The Forest Hill Jewish Center has provided me with a safe space to explore and grow.  I am very grateful.



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