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Kashrus Policy


The Forest Hill Jewish Centre services the needs of a wide spectrum of Jews. As such, we have always maintained the highest level of observance with Kashrus to avoid questions & concerns.

It is the FHJC policy that all food & drink must be clearly marked with a hashgacha, & that:

  1.  Any wine brought into the building must be Mevushal, & must be unopened with its seal still intact.
  2.  No home baked goods are permitted. Only food prepared from a kosher retailer/caterer that is unopened with its seal still intact, bearing a hashgacha, will be permitted.
  3.  All food must be received/reviewed by a Rabbi, or other authorized person, prior to being permitted to be served.
  4.  Food packages must bear a “COR”, “MK”, “OU”, or other acceptable hashgacha. For a list of acceptable hashgachas, please refer to the COR website - click here.
  5.  All alcoholic beverages must comply with COR policy. COR approves of all beverages as listed in the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) Liquor List with the following exception: COR permits Whiskies aged in wine or Sherry casks.
  6. Whiskies, & other alcoholic beverages, that actually have wine (or other) additives are not kosher unless expressly indicated with the appropriate hashgacha. For the CRC Liquor List click here.
  7.  All alcohol brought into the facility must still be factory sealed & be presented to the mashgiach together with the purchase receipt indicating that it was not purchased prior to the most recent Pesach holiday.



Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784