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Black Friday

01/02/2020 04:10:32 PM


Rabbi Elie Karfunkel


Although I will continue my long standing tradition of purchasing nothing on black Friday, I will make a minor exception this year and purchase kokosh from Hermes .

To me, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are polar opposites. On the first day you focus on appreciating what you have, and then the next day we behave like we aren't really happy and we need (as George Carlin used to say) "stuff".

So, I would just like to offer 6 Thank Yous to Hashem on this Black Friday:

  • 1. Thank you for Face Time so I can see my children in Israel. This would have cost a few grand a few years ago and now its basically for free.

  • 2. Thank you for allowing me to wear Tefillin. I feel so close to YOU with them on.

  • 3. Thank you for having Buffalo smoke Dallas last night. I really don't like the over-rated Cowboys. I apologize for having simcha at my enemies demise

  • 4. Thank you for medicine, as I was able to get healthy pretty quickly this week.

  • 5. Thanks for toilet paper, napkins and tissues. I use them everyday and it makes my life so easy .

  • 6. Thank you for Shabbos. Without Shabbos, where would my life be?

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Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784