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The Choice Is Yours

01/02/2020 04:07:08 PM


Rabbi Mordechai Bookbinder


At the beginning of his journeys, Moshe is referred to as an Ish Mitzri – an Egyptian Man. At the end, after he passes away, he is referred to as an Ish HaElohim – A Man of G-D. Moshe raises him- self up from a lowly state to an exalted one.

In contrast to this, Noah, in this week’s parsha, is first referred to as an Ish, Tzaddik, Tammim – a Righteous, Perfect Man, while after the flood, he is called an Ish Ha’Adamah – A Man of the Earth; an obvious reference to his fall from a lofty spiritual status.

We have all just come “off of the holidays”, and all have the same choice: we can choose to embed within ourselves the spirituality we experienced and gained over the last few weeks and continue to move up from there, or we can turn away from it and simply allow ourselves to sink down and “fall to the earth”.

The choice is yours, but as Rabbi Elie says in his final 20 for 20 (filmed in front of the Jaslo Shul in Poland!!), the goal is not just to survive, but the thrive!! Watch his emotional appeal here :

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784