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We Are Almost There...

01/02/2020 03:47:06 PM


Rabbi Elie Karfunkel


We are almost there .... My friends we are 2 weeks away from Rosh Hashana, and there are a few things that are on my mind:

We are importing a new dynamic youth leader for the High Holidays: Vered Benchetrit. Her greatest joy is seeing each child shine in their own way! Vered is the Co-Founder of JCreative Group Inc. and is well known as DJ VB Rose, one of the only female DJ's in the Jewish com- munity.

We have 2 chazanim this year Reb Zvi Katzman and Chazan Sheni Corey Kamen. Like Canseco and Mcguire for those that remember (Google their names if you’re not sure).

We need you to re-join right now. Rather than spending half of Sep- tember getting our members to renew their membership, we would much rather be devoted to making our programming better. I think we could all agree to that.

This year, instead of a pre-Selichos talk we will be having a Kumzitz with Eldan Cohen . Kumzitz (קומזיץ) is a compound-word in Hebrew derived from the Yiddish words קום (come) and זיץ (sit). The word is used to describe an evening gathering where everyone sits together, be it on the floor or on chairs, and sings spiritually moving songs.

I can't wait to connect with all of you. Such a special time of the year :)

Stay Jewish, Be Jewish, Live Jewish,

Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784