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youth programs

Bar mitzvah program

FHJC offers an exciting program for the pre bar mitzvah boys in which they have an opportunity to learn the essential aspects of Judaism, how to read their Torah portion and how to lay their Tefillin in meaningful one-on-one sessions with Rabbi Elie.

bat mitzvah program

FHJC offers an exclusive program for pre bat mitzvah girls that runs once a week for 1-½ hours. The program helps the girls understand their roles as young Jewish women and the ways that they can contribute to their community and feel special as they grow into adulthood. 

Through discussions, songs, stories, field trips, speakers and hands on activities, the program addresses questions, such as “What does it mean to become a bat mitzvah?” “How do the choices we make affect our future?

The program culminates with a beautiful luncheon for the girls and their families, where each girl delivers a short speech on what she learned through the program.

Mon, November 18 2019 20 Cheshvan 5780