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Nancy Klein

Director Of Operations and Logistics

Rifky Karfunkel


Hi! I'm Rifky Karfunkel. Otherwise known as Rabbi Elie's wife. I am proud to say that the Albert and Tammy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre has been our second home since it's inception in August 2000. Watching it grow from a small office space above Starbucks to the magnificent edifice it is now has been nothing short of miraculous.
In the early years, you could find me managing all of the programs, overseeing and often actually doing the graphic design work, teaching classes regularly, running the Hebrew school, and making the cholent for kiddish each week. Thank G-d the Karfunkel family has been growing along with the Centre, and being a mother and wife is my primary, beloved occupation. I do see each and every member and friend of the Centre as part of our family, and am blessed to be able to continue teaching, counseling, and assisting with various programming at the Centre. I am also so grateful for our extremely competent staff and volunteers, who do everything with so much class and professionalism and have helped the Centre become the incredible place it is today.

Dalia Appelrouth 

Director of Programming 

I assumed the role of Director of Programming at the beginning of 2017. As a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, my role at the Forest Hill Jewish Centre is preceded by 15 years of working in the accounting field. While I am now full-time at the Centre, I have worked here in an unofficial capacity since we arrived over a decade ago, bringing both professionalism and attention to detail to FHJC functions. I love connecting to members of our community and to people from all walks of life in the neighborhood. I enjoy hosting guests on Shabbat and holidays, meaningful coffee dates with women of the community, and jogging in the neighborhood on warm and sunny days. I enjoy engaging people on the richness of our heritage, especially on the topic of parenting. Most of all, I love spending time with my family. 

Faige Kaplan 


Hi, my name is Faige Kaplan.  Many of you may know me as Yaakov and Julie Kaplan’s daughter and others as part of the Forest Hill Jewish Centre staff. Fresh out of college, earning my BA in Accounting,  I came to work at the Centre. My daily work involves many different exciting areas including, keeping our books in tip-top shape,  the management of the Shul cloud- our database and website  and overseeing our Instagram and Facebook accounts. With some of my creative energy(I hope!), I also compose many emails that go out to the community. If you ever have a question about your tax receipts, our website or any other matters that relates to the Shul please feel free to contact me.  Next time you see me running through the Village to the bank please take the opportunity to introduce yourself!

Tue, July 23 2019 20 Tammuz 5779