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Operation Iron Sword

During this challenging time, we as a people have come together to rise to the occasion and  help in countless ways.  Hundreds of worthwhile charities have jumped in to assist, and each is doing amazing work.  I wanted to highlight two which are close to members of ours, either because they served on the front lines, or because they are there right now!

Please read and watch the following to learn more... 

Maglan Special Forces Unit

I’m writing as a member of the Toronto Jewish community, former IDF naval combat commander, and reservist looking to help my friends and fellow soldiers in IDF’s Special Forces currently in southern Israel. 

I am in ongoing contact with the command centre and soldiers in the field on the Gaza border of the IDF Maglan Special Forces unit (information on the unit explained below). They currently lack a significant amount of life saving equipment, including bullet proof vests, helmets, food, and medicine. I have confirmed with the relevant logistics sources at senior levels within IDF Special Forces that the unit is lacking this equipment, supply in Israel is scarce, and any shipments from abroad would be life saving. 

Maglan is a special forces unit which specializes in operating behind enemy lines and deep in enemy territory using advanced technologies and weaponry. Maglan is part of the IDF's Commando Brigade. Maglan in Hebrew is a bird that knows how to adapt in every situation. Maglan was founded in 1986, but its existence was only declassified in 2006. This unit has participated in countless operations to protect the State of Israel.

All donations from Israel and the United States are being directed almost solely towards the bullet proof vests and helmets (this is prohibited in Canada), therefore the unit urgently requires contributions towards the remaining supplies (mainly medical and food). If you are able to donate and/or share with your communities/congregations you would be doing a huge mitzvah by helping those that are protecting the state of Israel in these dire times. These are young people that have given their hearts and souls towards Israel and anything we can do to help them during these challenging times is crucial. 

To make matters easier, for those of you that have communities/networks, I have included an email below that you can share with your friends and communities as well. Thank you very much for your consideration. The people of Israel are counting on us. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel Fox for additional information at 647-855-5177.

To donate to the Maglan unit, click:



Helping Ranana House Displaced Israelis

Ellen and I are presently in Israel and I am having a most meaningful trip.

When my family, my people, and my country have a challenging time, I don't run away, I run towards them.  This is a great time to be in Israel.  Of course that does not mean that this is a great time for Israel.... It is a challenging time.

Ellen and I have received many good wishes and support from Toronto community.  

Over the years I have seen you post some great videos about trips in Israel, and so I joined with Marcelle Khlar from Ranana to make this video you will soon see.

If you would be so kind as to post this video so that those people in our shul community in Toronto who want to make a big difference can get involved.

To donate to this cause, click:

Below, you can see video and a few pictures from our hotel of donations that have come in from local Ra'anana residents who have all been so kind to house families and donate clothes, toys and food.



Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784