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Thank You Olami!

01/02/2020 03:45:31 PM


Rabbi Elie Karfunkel


I am very excited to announce that this Sunday, Rabbi Shlomo and Yehudis Katz will be moving into our neighbourhood to work with young professionals and collegiates. This opportunity exists because of a special organization called Olami.  

Olami is a global community of 320 organizations from 28 countries around the world committed to inspiring young adults / professionals to achieve their Jewish greatness. Upon seeing the impact the Centre has made, and upon seeing the steady growth of the Yorkville Jewish Centre, Olami and Ohr Somayach Yerushalayim have partnered with both of us to place a family here.  The Katzes will also have involvement with our centre, and we are overwhelmed by the generosity and shared vision of both Olami and Ohr Somayach Yerushalayim.

So, who are the Katzes?  Rabbi Shlomo and Yehudis Katz are a beautiful family. Rabbi Shlomo is a recent graduate of The Centre for Kehilla Development In Jerusalem (our version of a Rhodes Scholar), and Yehudis has been the program coordinator for  Seminary Midreshet Rachel. Rabbi Shlomo hails from Brooklyn and Yehudis from Passaic, New Jersey .
They are blessed with 5 children: Nesanel(8), Hadassah(6), Bracha(5), Sheva(3) and  Shayndel Ahuva(1).

Please be certain to look out for them and give them a great big warm greeting to the neighbourhood when you see them!

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784