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My Greatest Challenge

02/01/20 03:29:46 PM


Rabbi Elie Karfunkel


The truth is that I have many challenges. That’s why we were put on planet Earth, for Hashem to test us so we can stretch ourselves and become the best version of us. I have many challenges. I procrastinate, I am lazy and I love food…way too much. Sometimes I am petty, but not as petty as you. And sometimes, my Hungarian DNA comes to the fore and I may get a tad angry. However, doing my Judaism by rote is amazingly my greatest challenge. I am a professional Jew. I make a living out of doing Jewish things. This is why I complain a lot :). The first commandment given to the Jewish people as they are about to leave Egypt is "make for yourself a new month." This is the mitzvah of sanctification of the new moon. The Rabbi's saw in this first Mitzvah a paradigm for the rest of the Mitzvahs. Not just to make the month new, but to make every Mitzvah new. Not only the first time, but the hundredth time we do it. Now how can that be accomplished? Stay tuned for next week's From the Desk. Good Shabbos, Stay Jewish, Live Jewish.

Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780