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Chanukah and The Daughter of Pharoah

02/01/20 03:28:19 PM


Rabbi Elie Karfunkel


When the daughter of Pharaoh saw Moshe in the basket, our commentators say that she stretched out her hand and miraculously her had reached the basket which was very far away. She did what she could and Hashem took care of the rest. When the Maccabees lit the Menorah on the first day in the Temple they knew the Menorah would once again go dark for many days; yet, they did what they could and Hashem did the rest. My friends, this Chanukah I was once again reminded of this powerful messege. A couple of ews got together to do their best to save a Kinder Transport survivor from being cremated. Please read Liz Codallo’s very beautiful and important essay entitled, “The Miracle Train Ride to Olam Haba.” 

Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780