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Mechiras Chometz Form 5780 / 2020

Be it known that I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Elie Karfunkel to act in my place and on my behalf to sell all Chametz possessed by me, knowingly and unknowingly, as defined by Torah law and its rabbinic explanations and protections. This includes Chametz, possible Chametz, mixtures containing Chametz, and Chametz that adheres to, or is absorbed in, the surfaces of all cooking utensils and implements. Rabbi Karfunkel also has the right to lease out all locations in which the Chametz is stored, and to lease out right of access to those locations.

Rabbi Elie Karfunkel has the full right to sell and lease by transactions, as he deems fit and proper, and for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with all detailed terms and detailed forms as explained in the general authorization contract to be used this year by Rabbi Karfunkel to sell the Chametz. This power of attorney authorization is made a part of said contract.

Also, do I hereby give Rabbi Karfunkel full power of attorney to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and to lease as provided herein.  The above given power is in conformity with all Torah law and its rabbinic explanations and protections, and also is in accordance   with the laws of the Province of Ontario and of Canada.
  • I understand that delegation of power of attorney takes effect by symbolic acquisition of a physical item, or by verbal expression of agreement, or by hand-clasping, or by signing the contract below.
  • I understand that the sale of the Chametz, and leasing of storage space and access, for which Rabbi Karfunkel will be the agent, will be effective beginning at or before the morning of Wednesday, April 8th.
  • I understand that the sale of Chametz, and leasing of storage space and access, for which Rabbi Karfunkel will be the agent, will be complete and unconditional. The purchaser will have every right to enter the addresses listed, and to make every use of the Chametz stored therein, as that Chametz will belong to the purchaser.


Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780